Should You Buy The iPad Air 4?

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So if you are still deciding whether to preorder the iPad Air 4 or not, when pre orders begin that is, then here are 10 reasons why you should consider the newest iPad from Apple

1- Pro Design

Until now you had to spend upwards of 750£ (799$) to get the newer design iPad. You know the one which was introduced in 2018 by the iPad Pro, which sports a nearly all screen design with thin bezels, no huge chin or big home button making the entire package look more modern and next gen. So now the iPad Air 4 offers pretty much the same form factor as the iPad Pro at the same time making it a bit lighter and $200 cheaper.

iPad Pro 2020

2- Colours

iPad Air 4 New Colours

Not only we are getting a slightly lighter pro form factor but we are also getting a newer colour palette. See the “Pro” iPad design was always offered in silver or space grey colours, not even rose gold was offered whilst this colour was present in the other iPad line up. So, this time with air 4, we are not only getting the Rose Gold option but 2 newer colours, green and blue are also added to the colour palette. See tech always adapts either silver/white or black/grey colours, so having the option of choosing few more shades is very refreshing.

3- Newer TouchID

Power Button TouchID (Source

Any new feature from Apple is always a welcome sight for sore eyes. Most of the times Apple doesn’t add features just for the sake of, they have reason behind this and most of the times it works brilliantly, like Siri or home button TouchID or FaceID. Looking at that history they all are well thought of features and do enhance user experience. I know TouchID is not new but embedding it in the power button is new and I can only image the possibility of that in next Apple devices. Maybe we will see an iPhone model without the notch or a very small notch for the camera, maybe on the pro models we get both FaceID and TouchID options, perfect for the current COVID situation and the iPad Air 4 kick starting that feature is amazing.

4- A14 Bionic Chip

iPad Air 4

This is a remarkable achievement in terms of technology. Embedding billions of transistors on a 5 nanometre chipset is truly a feat for engineering. I don’t know what to compare this to in terms of size, for instance the A12 Bionic chipset was built on 7 nanometre chipset which packs 7 billion transistors on a surface area smaller than the nail on my pinky figure! So it’s insane on how advanced technology got, maybe soon we will build a space ship for galaxy hopping but until then, this is the fastest and efficient next gen processor from Apple and the iPad Air 4 is the first one to get it. Not the iPhone 12 or the iPad Pro, but the iPad Air 4.

5- Stereo Speakers

Stereo Speakers on iPad Air 4

On a device such as iPad where we tend to watch videos in landscape orientation and more often rely on the internal speakers than connecting to headphones, having stereo phonic speakers, i.e. speakers firing from both sides in land scape orientation, makes such a huge difference. I solely missed this feature on the iPad Air 3 and absolutely love it on the iPad Pro 2020. So the iPad Air 4 including this feature is simply awesome.

6- USB C Port

USB Type C Port on the iPad Pro 2020

Finally, no proprietary ports here this time. A universal all powerful and efficient port on the iPad Air 4 makes it future proof and adds amazing advantages like to ease of third-party connections and docks, HDMI connections and even faster charging.

Which brings to number 7- USB Type C fast charger included in the box

What’s included with iPad Air 4 (Source:

Despite all the rumours floating around about Apple not including any chargers within the boxes of new Apple products to reduce carbon footprint, the iPad Air 4 thankfully gets USB Type C fast charger included in the box and it’s not just any fast charger but a 20w one included in the box. For reference, the iPad Pro 2020 only gets 18w fast charger in the box!! So you see, you pay less with the iPad Air 4 and get a more powerful charger included which will super-fast charge your iPad giving enough juice in very shorter time periods.

8- Apple Pencil Gen 2 Support

Apple Pencil Gen 2

The Apple Pencil is probably one of the best implementations when it comes to integrating a stylus onto a device. Just attaching magnetically to the side whilst paring and charging at the same time is simply genius. The iPad Air till now only got the first gen Apple Pencil support where you have to carry it in a case and charge & pair it by sticking it into the lighting port making the entire think awkward, but not anymore. iPad Air 4 gets the same support and integration of the Apple pencil gen2 as the iPad Pro. And did I mention the super useful tap to change tools support on Apple Pencil 2, you get that as well now on the Air 4.

9- Magic Keyboard Support

iPad Air 4 With Apple Magic Keyboard (Source:

With the Air 4, if needed you have the option to buy this amazing but expensive magic keyboard accessory from Apple. This is a true option which allows you to turn your iPad into a proper laptop replacement option. The keyboard accessory adds trackpad support along with backlit keys and the entire unit makes it looks like your iPad Air 4 floats when docked. It was only available on the iPad Pro line up but not anymore.

10- Little Things

iPad Air 4

Finally it’s the little things which you get extra on the iPad Air 4 compared to the last gen model, like slightly bigger screen at 10.9 inches instead of 10.5, slightly less weight compared to air 3, 4K recording up to 60fps and support to WiFi 6. All these additions will make the iPad Air 4 future proof and solidify its position as the tablet belonging to the next decade.

So, these are my 10 reasons on why you should click on that pre-order button as soon as the iPad Air 4 is available for sales. If you liked my article please comments down below and let me know and do clap as it feels amazing for being clapped at!



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