7 Things iPad Mini 6 Does Better Than Other iPads

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5 min readOct 7, 2021


iPad Mini 6 2021 Purple Colour

The shiny new iPad mini 6 looks amazing and is super powerful. Lets look at 7 things which this iPad Mini 6 does better than other iPads in Apples line-up.

Starting right off with Portability

iPad Mini 6 2021 Portability

It’s just not the super lightweight, it’s the smaller footprint as well which makes handling this iPad mini a breeze. Especially if you are used to working with the bigger iPads, you straight away feel this as soon as you unboxed it.

Tiny nooks and corners, your medical lab coat pockets, the tiny cockpit of your Cessna or the control platform of a windmill, the iPad Mini 6 feels right at home in all those tiny confined spaces.

The mini is so light that the weight is almost irrelevant. It’s the same as carrying a novel or bonded school notebook. This is something which none other iPads cannot simply compete, the ipad mini 6 is the true champion of portability.

Next is Gaming

Gaming on iPad Mini 6 (Featured Game: Asphalt 9)

Honestly, iPads with all those graphical capabilities and processing power are not very comfortable for handheld gaming. Plus the thin form factor of the redesigned iPad Air and iPad Pro doesn’t help. The best gaming mode for regular iPads is propping them on the desk and hooking up a game controller.

But not with the iPad mini, this device feels right at home when it comes to gaming. With its perfect screen size, which is not too small as the iPhone where everything looks cramped nor not too big as other iPads to make it uncomfortable, this iPad Mini 6 is amazing for hand held gaming. In fact, it is the best portable touch-screen gaming device currently available in the market.

It has the right amount of bezel to rest your fingers comfortably without touching the screen and adding a simple silicone case like the ESR Gear Clear Sleeve, gives the perfect grip for those lengthy online gaming sessions with your mates.

Next is iPad Photography

Camera APP on iPad Mini 6

Yes, despite how uncomfortable this is, there are many who use iPads for taking pictures and videos. I have seen it in concerts, parks, conferences, lecture halls, etc. where people whip out their huge slabs and snap pictures & videos with it. But with the Mini 6, it all of a sudden becomes much more natural. The small footprint makes iPad photography not that awkward or uncomfortable. Plus, you do get a decent view finder via that 8.3 inch screen. Actually, this iPad Mini would have certainly benefitted with a nicer camera setup, maybe the dual lens setup borrowed from the iPhone 13 series or the iPad Pro.

The front camera is straight up better than its bigger brother, the iPad Air supporting ultra-wide view and Centre Stage functionality. Centre Stage is this cool feature where the camera pans and moves along with you during video calls and it automatically adjusts if some one else joins in. Very useful for family FaceTime calls.

Next is that all power in a small form factor

iPad Mini 6

This iPad mini 6 is currently the most powerful tablet available for its size. The A15 bionic is a beast of a processor and the way it makes everything so smooth on the mini is incredible. I have tried editing 4k video shot at 30fps via LumaFusion app without a single glitch or lag. Actually the mini was churning through 4K video clips as if they were 1px images.

This mini is as powerful as it’s bigger brother iPad Air 4 and currently is the smallest tablet available to buy with such huge power under the hood.

Next is eBooks

eBooks on iPad Mini 6

Novels, course materials, text books — Churning through all of them on the mini is an absolute dream. I make it a point to read at least a few pages every day and I used to do this on my 11 inch iPad Pro. After doing this on the Mini 6 for the past few days, made me realise what I was missing. The light weight of this mini makes it totally effortless to hold the device in your hands for extended period of times. This convenience is something which no other iPads can match.

Next is charging & battery

iPad mini 6 in Purple Shade & iPad Air 4 in Green

Have you ever noticed the charging times on normal iPads? The battery really is a tank and it takes forever to charge even with the included 20 watt fast charger. Now the iPad Mini 6 gives you the same all day battery life as bigger iPads but it’s got half the size of battery in comparison. So, charging it takes half the time. And you get the same 20 watt USB type c charger included in the box. So pretty decent here, you are all covered and can enjoy quicker charging times.

Finally, Apple Pencil Gen 2 Usability

iPad Mini 6 with Apple Pencil Gen 2

The iPad Mini 6 this time gets full support of the amazing Apple Pencil Gen 2. If perfectly attaches magnetically to the sides, pairs and charges that way too and is very smooth and responsive despite the 60Hz refresh rate of the iPad Mini 6’s screen. And when it comes to usability, it is totally possible to hold the iPad Mini 6 in one hand and jot down notes with the other. This is super useful for students who wish to take notes on the go.

So, these are the 7 things where I found the iPad Mini 6 has a slight edge over the other iPad. Hope you liked my content, if you did, follow me for more.



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