Tips On How To Secure A PlayStation 5

So guys, by now you all might have got an estimation of how difficult it is to actually secure a PlayStation 5. If you are not aware, then in a nutshell, it will take a few sleepless nights, endless refreshing certain websites and a whole lot of notification alerts and alarms.

It took me nearly a month and about 3 stock drops from major websites before I could secure one. So I thought I will post this article to help you guys to secure a PS5. …

iPad Pro 2021 – All Rumours & Speculation About The Upcoming iPad Pro

iPad Pro 2021

Ok, what a year we had – 2020 was the year of the the biggest pandemic humans this side of the century have even seen but the advancements in technology never stopped, especially at Apple. If you see, they had their biggest year filled with product launches especially in the second half which kicked off with the excellent iPad Air 4. We marvelled at its Pro features and just before we could take a deep breath, we had 4 new iPhone models with all new design! Usually…

iPad Air 4 (2020) in Sky Blue & Green Colours

So many reviews out there for the iPad Air 4, impressions, one week reviews, 2 weeks reviews , fortnight reviews and I was thinking to see how could I make mine bit different without repeating the same but yet convey my strong view on how amazing this new products from Apple really is.

Then I looked at the devices in hand and thought I would not touch my iPad Pro for the full month and just use the iPad Air 4 as my main tablet. At the end of this time period, I will review and note down every time…

If you have been following the online tech world lately then you’ll sure know how this entry level MacBook Air, costing just 999$, is bowing away people’s minds. It just showed the world what a company can achieve if they have total control over the hardware and software and just keep pushing the boundaries. When I unboxed it a few days ago, I was super excited to try out the first Mac ever, but besides running a few geek bench scores what I was oblivious about was the kind of a true power house this machine is. This was truly…

iPad Air 4 launched in 2020

The newest and hottest iPad from Apple is accepting pre-orders so in this article, I would like to talk about few things that you need to consider before clicking on the buy button. I am hoping that this will be extremely useful, especially if you are a first time iPad buyer. I am going to detail on the colour you need to choose, the storage options that would be ideal and whether you need the cellular connectivity option or not. …

So if you are still deciding whether to preorder the iPad Air 4 or not, when pre orders begin that is, then here are 10 reasons why you should consider the newest iPad from Apple

1- Pro Design

Until now you had to spend upwards of 750£ (799$) to get the newer design iPad. You know the one which was introduced in 2018 by the iPad Pro, which sports a nearly all screen design with thin bezels, no huge chin or big home button making the entire package look more modern and next gen. …

iPad Pro 2020 in-depth review

Summers finally hit the British shores for the usual 5 days but things have gone back to normal, rainy and windy .. you will know this pattern for sure if you have lived in the Uk. So save your ice lollies and cold drink for another sunny spell, grab your hot brew, sit back and relax whilst I present to you, the iPad Pro 2020 in-depth review.

I knew I had to weigh this in carefully as the iPad Pro does sit in the super desirable slot and not the value for money slot. The…

So, now that I got to spend proper time with my new iPad Air 3, I can go through its strengths and weaknesses and give you a good idea on which iPad to buy in 2020

iPad Air 3 (2019)

My history with the iPad started right at the beginning, with the original iPad, when it was launched in 2010. Quick flashback, I really wanted a device which would make media consumption a breeze and back then, I even owned a Netbook which was as good as it can get. …

The Last Of Us — Part 1 and 2

“The Last Of Us Part 2" by NaughtyDog Studios is the sequel to the critically acclaimed PlayStation game “The Last Of Us” released back in 2013. The original game was a monumental success winning several accolades at the same time setting the bar quite high in terms of graphics, sound design and overall game-play.

So naturally, this sequel is the highest anticipated game of 2020. And with huge delays and postponements several times, this game was finally released in the end of June.

Since its launch, this game has been getting quite a lot of back-lash, I have seen the…

So tech is not for everyone, especially people who are not tech savvy or know little about what things are or how things work in the tech world.

I did have my fair share of encounters with both fellow students whilst I was at college and grownups who all wanted to be tech savvy. So here’s me recollecting a few gems.

It was first day in our engineering college and we all were in the computer labs. The computer were running Window OS and usually to login, Windows displays a message like this:

Use Ctrl + Alt + Shift to…

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